Five Most Recent Broadway Musicals

Broadway Musicals
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We all love books. That’s pretty much a given. But I love other things too, and I know we sometimes like to share our love of other hobbies. I work in the theatre industry, so it shouldn’t be surprise (at least I don’t think) that I like musicals. Seeing New York theatre can be quite an expensive hobby, and I attribute it as the number one reason I don’t buy a lot of boys. I can read books free from the library… I can’t (always) see live theatre free!

So today, I thought I’d try a little something different. I’m going to list the five most recent Broadway musicals I was fortunate enough to see! I saw a few Off-Broadway musicals in between, but that will be for another time!

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2017 Audiobook Challenge

audiobook-challenge-2017While stumbling around the blogverse, I came across this 2017 Audiobook Challenge hosted by Hot Listens and Caffeinated Book Reviewer. I know it’s already May, but since I’ve listened to quite a few audiobooks this year, I thought I’d join in on the fun!

I listen to audiobooks as often as I can. Mostly when I’m driving or walking to work. At this point in 2017, I think I’ve completed more audiobooks than I’ve read physically. I really enjoy playing Fire Emblem and was completely obsessed with Fire Emblem Fates from the time I got Birthright on Christmas until about March when I finished Revelation. Since it can take me up to an hour to complete one level, I’ve mastered the art of playing the game while listening to an audiobook, so I’ve gotten a lot done that way.

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How I Rate Books

I often see people commenting on their rating scale. A 5-star means I really loved it, a 4-star means I really liked it, etc. They will mention what the scale means but now how they come to that conclusion.

Some people say they rarely give out 5s because a book has to be perfect to get that. Or people talk about being critical when they read, considering all sorts of things like writing style, characters development, etc. I remember seeing a booktube video years ago where the booktuber (I honestly can’t remember who it was) said he doesn’t trust your reviews if you don’t give out a lot of 1s and 2s. If your Goodreads is full of 4s and 5s, he finds you untrustworthy.

I have to wonder why.

I read for fun, and as such, I only read books that I think I’ll like. I read a lot about books on Goodreads, I see what people who I think I have similar taste to think. So chances are, I at least like every book I read if I don’t love it. Not only that, if I’m not enjoying a book, I probably won’t finish it. I have finished books I wasn’t enjoying, but for the most part, I put them down and don’t even rate them, so I rarely give out a 1- or a 2-star rating.

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