Hi everyone, and welcome! My name’s Cori, I hail from Long Island, New York and I, if you can believe it, like to read. I can’t pinpoint when I began to love reading. Like many of us, I just always did.

My favorite genres tend to be contemporary and fantasy, ranging from children’s to young adult to new adult to adult. These books are written by people of all ages, and I’m a firm believer that they can be read by people of all ages!

I’m not the bibliophile I always imagined I would be. I don’t have shelves and shelves of books. I don’t constantly have to rearrange my shelves. I’m almost entirely digital. I listen to audiobooks using Overdrive, and I read ebooks using my Kindle. So even if you don’t have a library as big as the Beast’s in Beauty and the Beast, you still can be a bibliophile!