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Top Ten Tuesday #2: Bookish Turnoffs

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Welcome back to another (and by another I mean my second) Top Ten Tuesday. TTT is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s topic is things that will make me instantly NOT want to read a book.

I actually found this to be quite a hard topic. I’m willing to give a lot of things a chance if a lot of people are raving about it. There are times where I just don’t know if I like the “feel” of a book or the obvious things like it’s a genre I don’t like.

So this list is things that will make me not want to pick up a book as well as things that turn me off as I’m reading them! I couldn’t come up with ten, so here’s mine.

9. Guys and girls and not being friends. Hear me out. Why do we never get any male/female friendships? Why does one always have feelings for the other? Why can’t we just have a guy and a girl who are great friends? This irritates me to NO END. I always thought The Mortal Instruments would have been stronger if Clary and Simon had always just been friends. (It also would have made better certain later events that I can’t talk about because spoilers.)

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8. Books that don’t match their description. I think this is one of the reasons I disliked The Night Circus and Wink Poppy Midnight more than I otherwise might have. I had such a distinct idea in my mind of what would happen, and when it didn’t happen exactly as I’d imagined, I was annoyed. Not that books need to be exactly what I expect. But when they’re nothing like the book… annoying.

7. People, mostly teenagers, not taking advice. Okay, I think I’m immediately going to The Remnant Chronicles, which really disappointed me. But I couldn’t stand Lia. I know lots of people thought she was a cool, strong female character. But she just pissed me off. She NEVER took anyone’s advice (even from people who had good, valuable advice to offer based on experience) and just did whatever she wanted. But no worry, Mary Sue – ahem – I mean Lia to the rescue! She’ll do whatever she wants anyway, and since she’s so awesome and beautiful and perfect, none of her plans ever go awry. Well, I just got oddly specific there…

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6. Weird, flowery writing. I know a lot of people love the Shatter Me trilogy and talk a lot about the beautiful writing. Personally, I just thought all the metaphors were weird. There was a line in there about Adam’s eyes being pools of water and she said something like, “I want to cry into his eyes.” And I just thought, “…what?”

5. The miscommunication trope. I can live with miscommunication… if it’s resolved in a day or two. Maybe the next chapter. But there’s nothing more annoying than suffering through half a book or series where everything can be solved if they’d just talk. to. each. other.


4. Bad boys as the love interest. I’m just so over bad boys. One day I’ll put up a post of my bookish boyfriends, and I can assure you not a one of them is a “bad boy.” I’m always rooting for the best friend or the geeky boy or the nice guy. Because we shouldn’t be striving for guys who treat us like shit because of their ~dark mysterious past. I’m over the bad boy with a heart of gold. I really want books that showcase that nice guys aren’t uninteresting. Nice guys aren’t boring. Nice guys can be complex and deeply developed characters.


3. It’s more than 500 pages. Yep. You’ll learn this about me soon if you stick around. I have read books this long. (Interestingly enough, I’ve read 24 books over 500 pages, and 19 of them were on audio…) I think most books are too long. I think for some reason people think length and quality are correlated. If it’s longer it’s better, and I don’t find that true. There are very few books I’ve ever read where I said, “Nope. Every single chapter, every single sentence, every single word was entirely necessary.” Most of the time I think 1/3 of a book can be cut. Three to four hundred pages is my perfect length, and most of my favorite books are in that range!


2. There’s a very obvious love triangle. Often I ask myself, if everyone hates love triangles so much, why do authors still write them? (Let’s face it. We still read ’em.) I just picked up the audiobook CD set (what a blast from the past!) of Throne of Glass from my library and on the back in huge letters it says “Two men love her.” I may or may not have rolled my eyes so hard they were in danger of falling out of my head.

And there are two things that could make me hate a love triangle even more: the nice guy vs. the bad boy (see above, I don’t like bad boys, and he always wins) and/or they are brothers. (So you can guess I loooove The Vampire Diaries and a certain other YA series that I cannot say by name because it’s not revealed the bad boy and the nice guy are brothers until later. Don’t spoil it, but give me a nudge in the comments if you think you know what it is!


1. It’s a book of poetry. I don’t like poetry. I don’t really know what it is. I guess I just never really got it. It never really clicked with me. I know there are a bunch of popular poetry books around right now like The Princess Saves Herself in this One and Milk & Honey. But I’m just not that interested.

And there they are! Do you agree with any of mine? What are your bookish turnoffs? Leave your TTT below!


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #2: Bookish Turnoffs

    1. Love triangles are the worst, but every time the miscommunciation one comes up I want to bang my head against the wall. It’s so unnecessary and personally, I think it’s pretty lazy.

      But yes! More platonic boy/girl relationships would be amazing. I love romance, don’t get me wrong. But there’s like ZERO out there!


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